Electric Bike Fall Foilage Ride Pictures 10-16-22

Positives to Riding an Electric Bike

1.Ride Further
2 Ride Faster
3. Explore new places.
4. Explore more places
5.Less impact on planet
6. Ride more hills
7.Have more freedom
8 Ride more trails
9.Have more fun
10.Pedal assist gives you superpowered legs
11. Batteries help you go the distance
12. Electric motor makes you more powerful
13.  You can take the long way home
14.Economical transportation
15.Improved health
16.Tailor exercise to your needs
17.Spend more time with friends and family
18.Sweat free commute
19.Tackle more obstacles
20. Raise self esteem
21.Helps with hills, inclines, rough terrain thus a smoother ride which reduces stress on joints
22. Gets people to ride that normally wouldn't
23. Improves mood-reduces stress-more restful sleep-increased production
24.Your commute can be quicker than by car
25. Can get out of the way of traffic quicker
26 Helps yo keep up with faster riders
27. Less muscle strain
28. Less stress on your heart
29.Enjoy a quiet ride
30. Easy to store
31. Allows you to achieve bigger goals
32. Immune system benefits from more exercise
33.340% longer rides, more rides